Capture video files to Proshow Producer4 and MS Movie Maker

I have an Aldi TRAVELER HD10X SD Camcorder. Records video in H264 video format that converts to MG4 files for downloading via SD card or DV to my computer

I am unable to capture these video files to either Photodex Proshow Producer4 or MS Movie Maker. Running Windows XP Home

The individual files play on MS Media player and Quicktime but are not recognised by the movie program.
I want to link the clips and make a video with them including still images.

I have downloaded Codecs (as recommended by Photodex) with out suitable results.

Has anybody experienced this problem and/or have answers.

You could use AVI DeMux and transcode them from the SD card to DV in an AVI container, this is the format most editors like best. Or if you have a FireWire port, import them as DV.

Thanks for your input. Have no firewire port
Can you expand on

[I]You could use AVI DeMux and transcode them from the SD card to DV in an AVI container,[/I]

My technical knowledge is limited

AVI DeMux is a program that can read lots of formats. If it can read the SD card’s format you can use it to convert the H264 to DV, whic is what most editing programs work well with. You can get it here and near the bottom of that page are some guides.

Really appreciate the quick response.

Will have a go and see if it works for me.
Thanks GG

Hi All who had input to my problem of Proshow4 not recognising MP4 video files.

Found the problem. [B]BROKEN CODEC Core AAC & VAC [/B]would not recognise MP4 file

Even though I ran codec uploads this little devil remained hidden until I ran SHERLOCK codec program ex Internet It showed broken codecs as well as listing all other installed codecs.

Compared this to amother computer that satisfactory ran Proshow4 and confirmed this as the possible culprit.

Installed Core AAC & VAC from internet program

Proshow4 works beautifully now.

Interesting to note that some video maker prorams eg Win MM & COREL studio do not recognise MP4 files so they just add to the confusion of misinformation.

Hope this info helps others.