Capture still images from old CCD camera


I need to capture still images from an old Ikegami CCD camera. (very specific setup that doesn’t allow a new digital camera…)
link to camera

According to the specifications, it has a composite output so I should be able to use an analog capturing device (e.g. TV-card) to “screencap” the images.

What would be the most efficient hardware for doing this (quality/cost-wise)? Given the “resolution” of the cam is Horizontal: 330 TV lines, Vertical: 350 TV lines with a Picture Element of 510(H) x 490(V) pixels.

Is “Composite output: VBS 1.0V p-p, 75 ohms, one output channel” a restriction for which hardware I should choose, or is it just the standard for composite signals?

I would use my own hardware (matrox rtx100), but unfortunately I’m not allowed to (company policies about bringing hardware in or out the company…)
So that’s why I’m asking here, to know what I should order :slight_smile:


Since it’s just still images you are after, I would think any card/device that has TV/IN composit connections should work. IE: Ti4200 video card, all in wonder card, Hauppage card, Snappy.

Since it’s composite video, “ViVo” (video in/video out) versions of a graphics card would work just as well as the full AIW tuner capability.

Also depends, what buses are available in the PC - current model with PCI or old wreck?

I’m also thinking of a “DVD maker” kit that included a USB based capture device.

The output description would seem to match standard, line level composite in NTSC format, the sort of thing that would plug into a video recorder.

Only problem I can see, since it’s not USA, is NTSC the normal standard there?

USA - NTSC “Never The Same Colour”
UK - PAL (Phase Alternation by Line) … phase error in the USA system causes colour shift, while phase error in the UK system is compensated.
France - SECAM
Other areas vary, though the usual choices seem to be NTSC or PAL with different sound subcarrier.