Capture photos?


I am brand new (10minutes) and can’t figure out how to capture photos.
I just downloaded Nero Ultra 7.

capture photos in what? do you mean screenshots? capturing photos from a dvd? capturing photos from your own video?

assuming you mean capturing a still photo from a DVD that you are playing, I’m not sure if Nero’s dvd player has a capture button (I never use the nero playback tool) but MANY DVD playback software programs have buttons now to capture a single scene from the film you are watching.

I know VLC (video lan client) does for a fact. Nero ShowTime (Nero’s playback program) may have this as well.

I’m trying to pull from a PVD - Digimate III.

can you provide some more information?

i had no I dea what you meant by “PVD - DigimateIII” so I just looked it up…it looks like the Digimate III is just a portable hard drive that you can dump flash cards onto. I assume you connect that to your computer via USB to get the photos off of it.

I don’t think you’re being very clear as to what exactly you’re trying to do and where Nero Ultra fits in. (or maybe I’m just not getting it) The more descriptive you can be in your initial posts, the quicker people will be able to help you (this is true on any forum about any topic!)

I am simply trying to organize/pull/edit/store photos in Nero.
Do I have the wrong software? I would use Photoshop but I have windows 2000
and not XP.
Thanks for helping me with this.

Nero Photosnap will let you edit photos

Nero Photosnap Viewer lets you view photos in album type form. both of these programs operate from a library that is already on your system though.

I think these are included in the Nero7 Ultra Package, but I’m not 100% sure. In order to use these programs, copy the files in whatever format you have them saved to your DigiMate III to your computer’s hard drive then access the folder containing the files from within the Photosnap Program.

You didn’t mention how you save your photos so I will go ahead and mention that I have no idea if Nero’s photo programs support RAW images or not.

I hope that helps!

check the documentation on nero’s website about their photosnap programs to be sure it has the capabilities you’re looking for. From what I recall the editing options available.aren’t too advanced.

If you are going to use Photoshop (Specifying the version would be of interest to know what you’re after) it doesn’t seem that Nero Photo facitilities are a match, and for sure not a solution for editing at a level expected by someone planning to use PS.
At a more basic level probably.
As freeware organizers, you can get Picasa or with a larger scope and facilities you should go for Irfanview (free for non-commercial users and a very very low price for the others) - it is freeware, supports RAW files from most manufacturers and has a new version allows you to do several things with your photos.
See it at:

For your 2000 machine if you want a good editor and you are used to photoshop, I’d suggest you look and install “The Gimp” it has a lot of power but I don’t know if the present version supports RAW files, however you can convert them in Irfanview to a file format that allow a non destructive edition and do the editing with The Gimp - most of Photoshop power for free.


Your replies are very helpful.