Capture out of sync

Captured movie from television using Nero 6, lateast version as of this post and ATI Radeon all-in-wonder 7500. When capture is complete there are no dropped frames everything starts out fine but audio slowly begins to lag video. By the end of the capture A/V is 2-3 seconds out of sync. Roxio 6 worked as far everything being in sync(shrink to fit DVD= lousy video quality). Yes I am a newbie ,but thpught this would be the appropriate forum to post. Did search, found none that had problems with capture. All seemed to be capture OK burn was problem. Hadn’t heard anything from Nero support yet. Any insight will be appreciated. Thanks!

I had this same problem with my ATI AIW 7500 too. I figured that there was a problem with the sound card or the sound card drivers and Nero because capture with ATI MMC was perfect but with Nero it lost synch after 20 mins or so. I never found a fix but I did find a work-around which was to use Total Recorder as a virtual sound card and set the recording to use their drivers instead. Everything worked after that.

Thanks for the quick reply, mishagogo. I’ll try it!

Tried it mishagogo, same problem.

I just downloaded the new Nerovision 3. I’ll try out to see if it solves the problem this time and let you know

Tried out Nerovision 3 and no dice. Still had the same a/v sync error with the normal sound card drivers. Seems to work for the first 20 mins and then starts dropping frames.

I downloaded an update to the drivers for ATI multimedia center. It has a config option which in turn has a system check test.
Test result: Clock stability <+/- 0.2%
Explanation: The audio card clock sychronizes audio with video during DVD playback and video capture. An unstable clock can degrade DVD playback and cause problems with video capture.
Recommendation: Ensure that you have the latest drivers for your audio card. If you still experience problems, try another audio card.

Well I can’t find any driver updates for the audio and I don’t have spare cards laying around. Audio may may integrated for alL I know. I’ll keep you updated here if I decide to persue this. Thanks for the replys.

I tried that test too and it said that my audio card clock was fine. I do know that when I use Total Recorder’s drivers instead of the sound card’s the audio comes out in sync so I assume it is an incompatibility of some sort between the sound card drivers and Nero.

Did a restore on my pc, back to factory ship conditions. I haven’t completely upgraded my ATI drivers and haven’t gone to Direct X9, WMP 10 or XP’s SP2, I think it may have something to do with WMP 10 not working with ATI. I really despise proprietary software. I guess I’ll upgrade piece by piece. :rolleyes:

I have the same problem, i’m using a cheap TV card to capture from VHS using a composite A/V from the VCR to the Sound card / tv card, I’ve found that the only way to overcome the problem in NVE3 is to set the capturing template as a “Nero Digital” file instead of DVD / mpeg2 etc . The Video quality is probably compromised but not much worse than the original VHS. Found this through trial and error, hope this helps.