Capture mp3?



Is there software to capture a file in mp3 form from a website? This is not a music file, it’s a speech someone gave.


well…if your audio card supports the “what u hear” (from my knowledge most creative cards (sound blaster, audigy, ext) supports this feature) you can record exactly what you hear from you speakers. or you could just plug in your mic into the audio port on ur computer and record with sound recorder or some other program :-/ if your sound card supports “what u hear” then thats the best solution, but the other way works too.


It depends on how the mp3 is set up within the website.

Sometimes, you can directly save off the website.
Sometimes, you can try the URL address with ftp rather than http and it will work.
Sometimes, its protected and you need 3rd party software.
Also, look here, wget works great and I have used it many times since it was suggested to me by a member here DiiZzy… but its command promt oriented and can be slightly difficult to use at first.
Other software easier to use include webcopier, where you can specify all mp3’s from a specific website to grab, its is more friendly cause its a GUI.

You can always post the URL here if you still have trouble and I am sure many members here on the board will be able to help with it.


how does the mp3 play? does it automatically start on loading the page, or what?