Capture Issues

I recently brought in some video from a handy cam (First two years of the twins growing up) into my computer…

I captured at 30 FPS.

At 640 x 480.

about 2 mins of video at those settings took up almost 2GB of data. No biggie, I was just seeing what a high resolution capture would do. I am basically looking for the best resolution to capture at while still achieving good quality…

…but when I used the SONIC DVD software, it compressed the video to around 185 megs when coding to the DVD!

So it looks like I am capturing at too high a resolution (obviously). But short of capturing over and over, at different resolutions, until I find the resolution that gives the best quality w/o OVERCAPTURING- I am basically at a loss. I cannot figure out which would be the best way to capture the video at the best qulity without capturing more than what I need. Does this make any sense?

Any advise would be nice.


you could capture and compress to mpeg 2, it’s small and still keeps the detail and it’s what dvds use.

Hmmmm. That’s what i do. I capture to MPEG2. But what i am wondering is if I am capturing at too high a resolution.

I have no problems capturing 2 hours at over 200Gigs! if I had that much space. H E L L! I would even buy 200 gigs of storage if I needed to…but it still seems to edit the video down when it burns to DVD.

My 2GIGS of captured data (2 mins worth at 640 x 480 quality) still only takes up 185 MB (not GB) on DVD. That means that the SONIC DVD software (Bundled w/ my pioneer A04) is sampling down or doing ‘something’ to compress 2gigs down to 185megs.

My question basically is: Am I capturing too much data?

Should I capture at a smaller size, say 320 x ??? or whathaveyou?

I am afraid i am caputuring (and thus using more Hard Drive space than needed) the data at an unnessary rate. What would the correct size in MPEG 2 I should capture BUT STILL RETAIN QUALITY?

You see my dilema now?

Any help would be great!


2 minutes of mpeg2 video shouldnt take up 2 gigs, maybe the capturing program isnt set correctly.

I’m capturing @ 720x576, 25 FPS (Pal Europe) with Adobe Premiere. The same capture settings, both for DV-source as SVHS source.
Including 44.1khz 16 bit stereo sound, the captured files always have a datarate of 3,6MB/sec. This would be about 400 MB for your 2 minutes of video. The captured files are avi’s with DV500’s compression (DV500 is my capture-card). After editing, I export the movie to DivX or Mpeg(1/2), depending on the purpose.

What hardware are you using? (type of camcorder; analog SVHS/VHS or DV?) capture-card?

Have you captured with Adobe Premiere yet?

The cinema craft encoder ($2000 software) is capable of real time encoding of mpeg2 for P4 2,50 and faster.

I’m pretty sure that Adobe Premiere can never ever capture to MPEG2 via software in that resolution and still maintain good quality.

I have a DC10+, which captures to M-JPEG (with 0,5-6 MB/s, whatever I want) and then compress to divX afterwards. This card is about 250 Euro, and thus affordable (unlike a DV500, which is, at least for me, not affordable, if I remember the prices correctly).
Since the M-JPEG compression is done by the card itself (and not by your CPU) a PII/300 should suffice to record in full quality.
Note that this card does not like certain VIA chipsets at all.


Well I have a 1.2 GHZ AMD. VIDEO CARD: RADEON 7500 with capture.

I have a gig of DDR RAM and an IBM120XP 80 GIG Hard Drive.

I am capturing using the DVD burner’s bundled MY DVD software and it is indeed capturing MPEG 2 at 640 x 480/30FPS and taking up close to 2GIGS for around 2 minutes of video.

I figured that the DVD software would not even really need to encode the video cause it’s already in MPEG 2, but it does. The weird thing is that after it ‘does it’s thing’, it only uses around 200 Megs of the DVD.

I may need to just experiment more. Check settings and see what happens.

I personally thought it was that I was capturing in an insane size that was overkill for making into DVDs. The idea is that it’s the kids growing up type vids and something i want to capture and archive at the highest quality possible. Y’know?

Anyway…s’all gud.

thanks for the bounce off gents…