Capture in raw Avi or straight to Mpeg2

When capturing off VHS is it better to capturen raw AVI, (huge file sizes) and then convert to mpeg2 or is it fine to capture straight to Mpeg2 as the video plays.


Capture to AVI, always. Capturing to MPEG consumes loads of resources and rarely results in the same quality.

after i do capture in raw uncompressed AVI, i am thinking of using a program such as Ulead videostudio 6 , should i convert it to DVD Mpeg2 on highest quality settings…i.e. 6000 VBR? or would a lower rate be suffiecient since it is coming from uncompressed AVI?

thankyou very much

Sheesh, do not compress to raw avi for crying out loud :slight_smile:
Huffyuv is better choice and consumes a lot less disk space. Since your source is VHS I would recommend you to at least consider some filtering before converting unless it’s very clean. If you want to capture directly to MPEG2 then WinDVR seems to be the best working application out there atm.