Capture from USB?

I’m looking for a corporate solution to having 30+ digital camera’s in various departments, many of which are producing AVI’s. The AVI’s produced are all in different codecs and I’m looking for a solution to convert these to either a standard codec or burn them onto DVD.

Its easy enough to capture from camcorders via firewire or audio/video phono to a standalone DVD recorder and then record to DVD’s, so that standard DVD’s are produced.

However with AVI’s I’m not sure what is supported - is it possible to capture from digital cameras, if they are playing the AVI ? I’m guessing this can only be done via audio/video phono and that USB connection is not possible, but can anybody confirm? Also would it be possible to produce DVD’s from the imported AVI’s or would the resolution be too small ?

A hardware solution rather than a software solution is preferable.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Do some reading at . I capture from my DV camera using an ADS Pyro AV/LINK. I can capture as MPEG or as AVI, an can then edit and/or burn to dvd. It is quite easy once you have done it once or twice.