Capture from a CD

Ok first let me say hello and this looks like a great site. I am a new member and I hope to gather much needed information so I can make some good home movies. Anyway here is my issue(s) right now. I have many videos on a dvd from my kids athletic games. What I want to do is take parts of these videos and make one video. There maybe only 3 or four parts of one game that I want and 6 or 7 from another. Is there software out there that will allow me to capture clips from a DVD ?

Thank you & I look forward to hanging around.


I have a crude way but it WILL work if you are careful enough.

First you will have to convert the DVD video to avi format. You should be able to find a lot of softwares that will do this for you. After that, use VirtualDub to take the segments you want and save them as individual avis. After that, use VirtualDub again and join them together.

Alternatively, you can use screen capture programs like Camtasia from techsmith and just simply capture the parts you want. However, personally I don’t recommend that as it is possible to skip some frames on low-end rigs and you are forced to watch all the segments physically as it is recorded.

Since you stated that the video is allready on a dvd you can use Dvdshrink

  1. Open Dvdshrink
  2. Open your dvd
  3. Click reauthor
  4. drag the main movie into the compilation window
  5. click “set start/end frames”
  6. cut out the parts you don’t want
  7. click “back up”
    You will have your saved parts in a playable dvd structure with no re-encoding = no quality loss
    Or: you can rip the dvd to your hard drive and use an authoring program such as Tmpgenc dvd Author to load the ripped dvd and cut out and save parts, make new menu etc. no re-encoding this way either. I don’t like to re-encode on any movie especially a video of my family and lose video quality.

clonedvd will also let you cut\clip parts from movies…