Capture file size - limits?

Just bought for $0 (rebates) Aver Media PCI capture card with neoDVD 4 standard software. You see, I am trying to move my VHS tapes to DVd. Hooked up the 'ol VCR to the composite inputs, and started to capture a 25 min VHS video to file on Hard Drive. Used highest settings (ie DVD format at highest resolution - captures a .vob file.). Anywho, looking for some ideas on why this video would split into two .vob files… Where one ends, the other starts so the video is successive. The first file is 1,024,000 Mb - an interesting size… the second file is about 700 Mb.

Specs - Win 2000 Pro, 57 GB HD space, 700 MBram, Raid 0, AMD xp1800 CPU, NTFS, no power saving modes on…

Help… This is driving me nuts. Mediastream does not respond to emails…

I can’t figure this one on my own…

Thanx for input.

This is normal. Put a DVD in your PC drive and open the video files folder. You’ll see all the files are 1024MB.

Well, from my poor memory, alot of rental DVD size are more than 1024MB. I really don’t want a single video broken up into 3 or 4 clips. Is there a work around for this??

Indeed, a rental DVD or a DVD which you have bought has always more than 1024MB, but the filestructure of the disc is the same like it is for you. There are several files with a size of 1024MB (1GB) each. This is conform to the DVD-Video file structure specifications. So if your file is larger than 1GB then is your DVD-player probably able to playback the video but he will stop when the 1GB mark is reached.

To find out more about the DVD file structure please read this Tutorial

The fact that the files are 1GB shouldn’t have any affect on playback. This is a leftover from when DVDs were first made. The largest that partitions could be at the time was 2GB and DVDs were 4.5GB so they had to make more than one file. Use IfoEdit to make some .ifo and .bup files for the .vob files. You can then burn them onto a DVD and they should play on your DVD player.

Zazonz - Thanx for the info. This is what I was after. Found a site on “how to join .vobs” ( which recommends using both vobedit and infoedit to get the job done. This is a great forum and thanks to all for your help.