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If I’m playing a DVD on the PC, using WinDVD/PowerDVD, and I pause the playback, what’s the best way to capture the image on the screen (to use to make a cover and/or print on the disc)?

Which proggie would be the easiest to use?



Power dvd captures frames. (see that little camera?):slight_smile:


how embarrassing :o

Perhaps I should have read the instructions…



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[B]how embarrassing :o

Perhaps I should have read the instructions…

Thanks. [/B]

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I think the easist way to capture images from DVD is to use DVDGo Pro, you can find the software at:

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If you wanna place an ad, talk to the admin. :Z


Why buy software? He can capture with Power DVD? :confused: :confused:


I have power dvd (by cyberlink) and do not see the little camera. I gather I have a ‘lite’ verison of the program that shipped with my dell inspiron 9200. :sad:


Never heard of a lite version. I believe it will only capture from certain file types.


Hyper-Snap DX … capture… all u want … DVD,DivX,Games(open GL/Direct 3d)


you could always press “control” & “PrtSc” at the same time. Paste image into any image/paint program or even microsoft word. Use this way all the time


I get screen caps with PowerDVD, too. I think the default keyboard screen cap key is “C”, or ctrl+C, don’t remember which. Anyway, just hit the key any time you want to capture the screen, and it copies it to whatever folder on your hard-disk. Works great for me. :slight_smile:

By the way, you can specify where you want your screen caps to be stored, so you can set up a folder just for that.


i dunno what version u have, but my power dvd looks like this


Bubble, that looks like PowerDVD 5+ to me. I could be wrong but as far as I know Cyberlink totally Nerfed PowerDVD with version 5 and up. I’m just going by what I know, that the PowerDVD 5 included on a disc with some hardware purchase or another I made is a total piece of crap, totally useless, whereas the version 3 and 4 I have from free discs included with hardware purchases are good stuff.


As far as external capture apps go, I’ve always been leery of them. Is the quality going to be the same taking a screen capture with an external app (or print screen) vs. using the player’s internal capture function?

I’d appreciate if any video gurus could answer that question.

Also, whenever I take a cap of a PowerDVD window with print screen the image turns out to be in some weirdo format; if I open it in Paint Shop Pro it seems to be composed of at least two layers, one a frame that looks like the widescreen bars on a DVD, the other that is the video frame. Zooming in and out gives weird behavior where the frame remains constant and the video is resized, and it’s a real pain.


Power DVD saves files as BMPs. Pretty standard format :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Here, PowerDVD 4 captures everything at 720x480, regardless of the actual aspect ratio of the image. It’s kind of annoying, but can be dealt with in Photoshop.


I’ve been wondering about this as well. I have the same version of powerdvd as bubble01, and I have no way to screen capture pictures. Whenever I do the print screen and paste it into a paint program/word document, it turns black every time I remove the dvd. If I tell the dvd to play, it also changes (plays) on the paint/word doc. Any ideas as to how I can do this?