Capture clips from a DVD


What software would ye use to capture clips from a DVD. I have tried Ulead VideoStudio9 but that doesn’t work (don’t know why).



Use ImageGrab it should work for what you want it for

If you want to just capture an image then PowerDVD , which I think most people have , will do it fine.

I should have been more clear. Its movie clips I want to capture not images.

Are you saying that you can’t open the file in VisualStudio? If you can open it, just trim out the parts you don’t want and save it as a new file.

I open VisualStudio and select the import from DVD option. I open the DVD folder and select ok. I loads all chapters and all titles. I select the title i want to import and select import. It takes forever (5 mins) to open the clip and when I try to play it, its just blank. All the stills import fine.