Capture Activity On Screen?



I´m playing material on dvd that i´ve recorded from tv on my computer,i´m using WinDvd 7.I´m trying to use camstudio
or Aca capture pro to capture the material i´m playing in windvd,but it doesn´t work.
Could someone please help me?


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If you want to edit some video stuff, you don’t need a screen capture tool, but a video editing tool, like dvd lab pro for example.

If these videos are in avi format, you can use virtualdub, one of the best softwares available.


Thanks.Yes i have Adobe premiere elements/pro and Windows movie maker and VirtualDub.But do you understand why it doesn´t work to capture activity on windvd?There is no problem using these 2 capture programs for example playing avi files in VLC or MPC.
When i´ve recorded from tv using my Philips dvd-r 70 the format is video-rm and video-ts.Maybe you never heard of this problem before?


Actually I don’t know why it don’t work, but in my opinion it’s the wrong way to edit a video.

If I understand correctly, you already have these movies on your HDD, isn’t it? If yes, then the best way to edit them is with a video editing software.

If you are trying to acquire movies, usually PC TV cards have included a software to record video, and you should use that software, not a screen capture one.


No i have some shows from tv on my dvd-rw.I understand what you mean,i´m not trying to argue with you.I´m just trying to use this method (capturing activity on screen) using windvd.I have no problems using screen capturing playing for example avi-files in vlc/mpc etc,but that is another story.


if you already have the video on dvd and you’re playing it on windvd, then what are you trying to capture? and what format are you trying to capture it to?

auto gordian knot will convert dvd to avi as long as the separate PGCs are ripped in IFO mode with a program like dvd decrypter.

for other options you can do a search for “DVD to ___” (whatever format you’re trying to end up with.

I’m not sure I’m clear on what you’re trying to do, but if you have a dvd and you want to end up with a specific type of file of that video on your computer then you shouldn’t be looking to capture, you should be looking to convert.


I´m just trying to do what “camstudio is all about” to record all screen and audio activity on my computer,that´s what i´m trying to do.
If i use Camstudio i can for example save it as “avi”,but the format doesn´t mater right now.

I know what i´m trying to do but maybe i´m having some peoblems to explain it in English (it´s not my number 1 language).
I´m not having problems with editing/converting etc.i´m not trying to do that right now.


so you’re not looking for a specific final product, you’re jsut trying to learn how to correctly use camstudio?

sorry then, i can’t help. if you were looking for help specifically related to camstudio, it would have been more benficial to include that in the thread title. you could try PMing a mod to change the title so you might get more relevant views.


I have the same problem


No i have used these programs for a long time,this is the first time i´m having problem capturing video.I thought it had something to do with windvd,that´s the reason i´m asking.I have no problem using camstudio/aca capture generally.But thanks to you both for your time.


If your video card is a Nvidia based chipset card then you can’t capture any dvd movies played in windvd, powerdvd or WMP from your screen ! All you will get is a black screen, Thanks to Mr Microsoft, XP and the Nvidia drivers are stopping you from doing it. It used to work with ATI chipset cards and using some of the older drivers for it. It might still work I haven’t done it for a wile. What you are trying to do your best option is using Linux.


I have this mainboard,is this what you are talking about?