Captions in avi Rip

When ripping Apocalypto to .avi, I can’t seem to get the English caption to display as it should. Adjusting caption settings in any media player does not seem to b the issue. How can capture the caption, if possible?

Hi toughskinn,

Please try latest DVDFab to see the result, also please make sure you select the correct subtitle.

Best Regards,

You probably are selecting the wrong subpicture stream. Update as Fengtao suggested and then using the latest version, select the second English subpicture option only, unchecking all the others. You should then have the “Direct Render to Video” option available on the Configure screen and the dialog only captions should display in your AVI. If you select the top English subpicture checkbox you will get (with Apocalypto) the hearing impaired subtitles.