Caption This - Arnold Schwarznagger

Got this idea from another forum. I found this activity to be very very funny. Let me start it off -

“I wanted to strangle debro, but even with my hands this low I couldn’t reach the top of his head!”

Newsflash: Ahnold (aka the Gropenator) caught grabbing the Invisible Woman’s breasts.

“So i grabbed her head and started pulling her towards me. And then the bitch bit me !”

“I swear ! He was this big before i used hormone injections !”

“So , i took the spoon and started stirring my coffee”

“And i pushed that metal container in this box”

“I hadn’t taken a shit for weeks , imagine the dump i put in last evening”

“You can buy this much cocaine for 10 million dollars”

“So , i give the cop my bag of weed and he starts asking questions”

Throw it, I’m free I’m free.

“And this is how Stoner looked after a good swift kick in the jewels!!!”

“So debro tells me during lunch how big Stoner’s family jewels are.”

“I REALLY gave this ammount of money for people to vote for me”

“And this is stoner when he found out her name was Lorena”

"No, no, no!..You can’t have a microphone in this action shot of me! Moof it out…nooowwww!!!

“Zoon you will zee lightning coming out of my handz!”

and in bed with madonna, it was so sour, and it was this big!

“So I lid my fart on fire and the flames were this big.”

“It was the biggest pineapple i have ever seen !”