Capital letters



not really important, but might it be that it is not possible any more to post a (complete) post in capital letters?
just posted in the “current music…”-thread - it was “DHHD - LSD” (everything in capital letters, 'coz that’s the way the artist and the title is written) what i posted. but the forum made “Dhhd - Lsd” out of it…
is this a bug or is this wanted?


Under the option ‘Shouting’:

Prevent your users ‘shouting’ in their thread titles/message text by changing all-uppercase titles to capitalization only on the first letters of some words.

This option is turned on.


thx for the info.
i like the idea of this, 'coz shouting ppl are not good for my eyes… :stuck_out_tongue:


OT: People like yourself also make the forums hard to read, especially for people that is not native english speakers. :wink: 1: No real sentence structure (Like not using capitals in sentences etc) 2: Using short words like “coz” and “ppl”.

If it’s not enough to learn to read english, you also have to learn those stupid short words that many native english speakers use…