Capacity exceedes 4.7 gb disc

i have some movies that exceed the capacity of my media how do i compress it with nero?any help would be greatly appreciated,thanx

Get DVD Shrink (free) or CloneDVD2 (not free).

These are the apps that are most often used to shrink a movie to a 4.7gb disc.

If you need to rip from a protected DVD then DVD Decrypter (free at is generally used with DVD Shrink or AnyDVD (not free) with CloneDVD2.

i have some movies that exceed the capacity of my media how do i compress it with nero?

To compress with Nero, use the Recode2 application…

Since DVD Decrypter is gone and they are tracking visitors, dvdfabdecrypter is also good. And like TimC said, Shrink or Clone 2 work great for making it fit. I prefer clone 2 because it’s more user friendly and has more options. It’s worth the money.

imtrying to use nero recode but i cant seem to find the videos when i click add video files how do i access the videos i want to shrink.ive also tried to do the same with dvd shrink and the same thing occurs

The site for dvd shrink appears to be closed. Anyone know if it has finished?

It’s gone. There are other sites that had it up until a few days ago. Just google for it and you should be able to find a mirror site. has both DVD Decrypter & Shrink.


What do you mean that you can’t access the video files?

In DVD Shrink you Re-Author & browse for the folder containing all the IFO/BUP & VOB files. Click on the folder & you’re almost there.

Or, that’s their download site and has all the tools that you can possibly need at one site (some free, some pay). DvdFabDecrypter is the easiest to use (of the freeware that is, I use AnyDVD/CloneDVD. You pay, but it’s the easiest, fastest and best IMHO).