Capable of higher Ultra-DMA modes?



is anybody able to get their 1620 running at Ultra-DMA 4? i bought a new 80 conducter cable for it with the idea it would do so, but it is still running at DMA2. my plextor 716A is at 4 set as primary master, with the benq as secondary master. no hard drives are attached. they are connected through my onboard serial connectors. any ideas how to get this puppy runnning over dma2 or is that just the way the interface was built for. i would love to eek out a little more writing speed. the plextor burst rate is 42, while the benq is only at 23. other than this minor complaint, i’m loving this drive. thanks.


UDMA 2 is the max supported by the BenQ 1620 and a burst rate of 23MB/s is all it needs to burn at 16x.

16x = 22160KB/s = 21MB/s