Can't write to Taiyo Yuden DVD+R 8x

Bought a 100pack TG000041. Using Sonic Record Now and XP home it keeps telling me to “insert an appendable disk and try again”

Been using the DVD+R 8x Taiyos for years. These are different I guess.

I can burn to them using iTunes, it doesnt like burning to a DVD but it will do it if you tell it to. Drive play/reads well. Will still write to my old Taiyo DVD+R 8x fine, but not the new ones. I keep getting the insert message.

Any thoughts?


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I’m not sure that TG000041 is a TY mediacode, but I could be wrong :doh:

Anyway, to exclude a software issue, can you try a different burning app? I suggest ImgBurn :slight_smile:

Where did you buy them? Its been a while since hearing about fakes, but TY mid codes have often been used on fake media in the past.

Try burning some data using ImgBurn. It is a free burning program and will not cause problems with your current burning programs.

(TG00041 is a number found on the disk itself geno888)

oops :o

Yeah, TG00041 is the batch number found around the hub of the disc (in the dye itself) - I’d say it’s unlikely that’s been faked, as it’s one of the best ways to identify a genuine TY disc, as opposed to just checking the MID. :slight_smile:

The question of brand/where they were bought is a good one. Quality may vary depending on brand.

Definitely give ImgBurn a go :iagree:

BTW, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

That new program works. Must be software. I wonder what is different about the disks however that makes them not work with that software. old Sonic program still works fine with my old batch of TY DVD+R 8xs but not the “new” ones.?


Maybe it’s a +R issue? Sonic prefers -R, either way I reccomend using IMGburn as it’s my fav and it’s free :bigsmile: Lighting UK has made the best freeware burning app you can get and he posts on here :wink: