Can't Write to ISO/UDF Image

Hey ya’ll,

I played around with CloneDVD for the first time last night and I can definitely see why so many people love this program :iagree: . I don’t really need it, but since I’m going to purchase AnyDVD, I was wondering if I should pony up the extra $20 for CloneDVD as well. I’m one of those “quality” guys (as opposed to one of those “speed” guys; just see the end of this post for my preferred method of making a backup), but I was thoroughly impressed with CloneDVD’s interface and the short interval from the time I put the disc into the drive until the Cloned file was created without having to rip to the hard drive (30 minutes total).

A strange thing happened when I was ready to select my output method, however. I wanted to save the final file as an ISO so I could mount it with Alcohol 120% and then watch it using TheaterTek. But the with ISO/UDF image selected as my output method, the Go button was greyed out and I couldn’t select it. I had to select DVD files instead.

Is that normal? Is this a planned function that is to be added later to CloneDVD?


My preferred backup method: DVD Decrypter–>DVD ReMake Pro–>DVD Rebuilder w/CCE Basic–>Media Player Classic (preview)–>Nero Express (burn)

Was the partition for the .iso file FAT32? This won’t work, it must be NTFS. Maybe you simply didn’t specify a filename, the GO button will be grey until you do.

I’m having the same problem. I name the output file and the partition is NTFS. I have tried putting the location on other drives and partitions as well. The go button is constantly greyed out and I have to output to .vob files or Straight to a writer. I prefere creating ISO images so I can mount them in a virtual drive before I burn. Anywhoo… Anbody else have this problem??

The name of the image needs to include a drive letter.

If I don’t include that then the GO is greyed out.