Can't write JPG files to DVD -R

[qanda]This thread is about the Lite-On DVD RECORDER DVD+R RW. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Using either NERO or Ashampoo 6, can not burn JPG files to DVD-R. Get a “medium Error” message with the following log data.

Can burn these files to a CD-R.

2:02:53 PM: Preparation started
2:02:53 PM: Starting track analysis
2:02:53 PM: Track analysis completed successfully
2:02:53 PM: Preparation completed successfully
2:02:53 PM: Simulating at 4x in track at once mode. The recorded DVD will not be finalized.
2:02:53 PM: Pre-buffering data…
2:02:54 PM: Prebuffering completed.
2:02:54 PM: Recording DVD
2:02:54 PM: Writing track 1 Length: 3 MB
2:02:54 PM: Could not write to device
2:02:57 PM: Average write-speed: 0 KB/s or 0x.
2:02:57 PM: DVD recording completed
2:02:57 PM: Recording DVD failed

What can I do to fix?

Hi and Welcome!

you tried to write only 3 MB onto a blank DVD? This could be a reason for that failure. To sort this out, you may try a large amount of files (approx. 2GB).


Use imgburn and format the RW.

Right on, 3mb is too less…