Can't write iso on dvd

I try to burn an iso on a dvd but nero says that I can’t use that kind of disc. I have to change the properties of my compilation or change disc. What do I have to do to make it work on a dvd ?

What size is the ISO image? Could be that it’s a CD image not DVD. Try Imgburn as this can often convert between image formats on the fly.

The image is about 300 MB…
Is Imgburn another program or what ?

Yes it is and you can get it from

And that’ll be the reason Nero won’t burn it to DVD as it’s a CD image. Either use a CD-R & Nero will do it or Imgburn & convert the format to DVD & burn to DVD.

Me? I’d use a CD-R.

I used UltraIso to burn it, and it worked!
Thanx alot for your tips :smiley: