Can't write above 1.1x

My Config:
AMD Phenom™ 9650 Quad-Core Processor 2310Mhz
Motherboard M3A78-EM
1791 MB
ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics
Microsoft Windows XP Professional ServicePack 2.0

i was writing dvd flawless previously .but it writes only at 1.1x even set at 16x or 12x.i changed the media and saw the dma post on google on this problem ,defrag the HD.
whats the problem

No matter DVD+R ,DVD-R or DVD-RW speed stucks at 1.1X

Hi and Welcome!

please check if DMA is enabled:

Report back the current transfer mode for that drive.


here is the screenshot

PIO is the culprit here. On the software side, you may try this:
Also you may consider replacing the Sata cable (and perhaps trying another Sata port).


The ultra dma 6 is your hard drive, like mciahel stated your burner is in the PIO mode

thanx for the advice ,solved the problem.
by uninstalling the IDE channel.