Can't watch

I have the movie the transporter 2 but when any dvd in on I can’t even watch the movie on my screen, however if I turn it off then there is no problem, so “PLEASE HELP”
P. S. That’s the second time it happens with a almost brand new movie

Is the movie disk an original DVD or a backup copy?

Do you have iTunes loaded on your computer?

What make and model of DVD drive are you playing the movie on?

Do you have a second DVD drive on your computer that you can try playing it on?

Why was your first thread locked?

Try This:

In AnyDVD make sure in the Settings Menu the “Remove annoying adverts and Trailers” is unchecked.

I had a similiar problem with a certain DVD with this option selected and with “Jump directly to Title Menu” selected in the sub menu.

Just wouldn’t play, Had a tinker around with the settings and this resolved the issue.

Hope it helps.