Can't watch home DVDs



We had a combo DVD and VHS unit. We recorded all of my daughters home videos to DVD. The DVD’s played fine and we were happy. Since that time the DVD/VHS broke and we threw it away and bought a new DVD player. None of the home DVDs we copied play on the new DVD player. In fact we have tried the DVD’s on some families DVD players and it won’t play on theirs either. We tried it in my computer and no luck. Unfortunately, we don’t remember the brand name of the first DVD/VHS player we used. Does anyone have any help? My husband remembers that when he was copying the videos that he had to choose to finalize it for it to play in the player.


Are you able to open the disks with windows explorer? You might be able to copy them to your hard drive and then reburn them.


How do I do that?


Does your PC have a DvD-Rom and/or DvD Burner?

Do you have the proper software installed on your PC to play DvD’s?

If you don’t, try installing VLC player found here.


This player should play your videos with no problems.

If the PC can read the disk, then there should be no problems getting you back in order.



[QUOTE=Eyebetoni;2187966]How do I do that?[/QUOTE]

With the disc in the drive-> My Computer-> on the burner right click-> Explore. What do you see?


I don’t have an internal burner. I have an external one. When I right click and then choose explore I have these files to choose from.

DirectX 9
MFC 80
Nikon Transfer
Quick Time 7
Quick Time 73


Ignore what I just posted. I was reading from the wrong drive.

When I right click it says

It is not accessible

Incorrect function


Download ISOBuster and see if you can access the files on the dvd with it. There is a free version. Click on one of the download links here: (not the Buy Now icon)


Stick your disk in your computer and go to my computer… find where the disk is located right click it and click explore. copy and paste them somewhere you can remember. get a new dvd and re-burn em


I tried the isobuster but that did not work. The reason this is so important is because after we burned everything to DVD and tested it we tossed the VHS movies.