Cant view pics on DVDs

Bought my first DVD drive, an external LG GSA-E40L for $59.99 from Circuit City. It had good reviews, and works just fine (though a bit noisy). The software which came with it sucks, it crashes, and I uninstalled it, but kept Nero 7.
Here is the problem. If I burn jpgs to a DVD, just as I do onto CD-Rs, I cant view the pics in the DVD player. This has happened with other drives and DVD players. I suppose making a movie or a slide show would work,
as wedding videos and pics do play in the DVD player. However, this takes too much time and is pointless unless you want to keep all pics on the same disc. This plainly sucks! Except for data back-ups, what’s the point of burning pics or videos to DVDs?
Why is it that a no fuss burn to CD-Rs using even a freeware program which is 500kb cant be done with DVDs?
BTW, why cant I view avi, mpg, mov videos on the DVDs?

Does your new drive play original (not burned) DVDs? you say it works fine then you “can’t view avi,mpg,mov videos on the DVDs”. that you burned with nero?..

I am talking about burning DVDs on an external PC DVD drive, then playing them on a DVD player, the type you view movies with on the TV.

CD-Rs do play on the TV;however, if using the same method of burning data to DVDs I get “cannot play files”.

Burn as data with IMGBurn in build mode, use" UDF "file sys…in options…
sorry I’m a non ner0 user…

Is you external DVD player compatible with the Discs you are burning ??

If you give us some more details someone should be able to check for you:-

Make / model of external player
Make / type of DVDs you are using
Is the LGs booktype set to DVD-ROM (assuming you are using +R discs)
Whether you are selecting a multisession option (once again assuming +Rs)

Another option would be to try a different DVD from a reputable maker ie. if you are usings +Rs try -Rs or vica verca.

BTW, why cant I view avi, mpg, mov videos on the DVDs?

Could be a couple of reason - as above or simply that the DVD player will not play this type of file. If these work in your player when burnt to CDs we are back to compatibility.

See if you can find your player in this list: A lot (most?) DVD players can only use certain formats like MP3 or JPG from CDs.