Can't view photos on CD

I have some photos on a HP CD-R.
Only 3 photos can be viewed properly.
All others aren’t readable
Executables and zip files on the cd work properly

How can I recover my photos?

Thx in advance

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Try to use isobuster to recover all files

Downloaded Isobuster
CD recognized
Extracted the phtos but still unreadable

If isobuster extracted all files correctly but the files are still unreadable, then probably files was corrupt also on the original disc.

Do isobuster give you some error message?

No error message

If the files are corrupt on original cd, is there a way to recover them?

no. a corrupt file remain corrupt on a CD

Tools like isobuster allow to recover files from damaged discs, but if original file is damaged, then I think that is not possible to recover. Sorry :frowning:

Try opening the photo files with other viewers, or better still, with a photo-editor.

Just found this:
thought you might want to try.

I used the viewr of Windows, ACDSee and photoshop

Can’t view the photos

Probably files were corrupt also on the original disc. Or they are in a so unused format that need a very specific viewer.

With acdse installed? I can view about 5 photos now, but then the programm doesn’t react anymore

acdsee is able to read many, but not all file formats. Anyway It seems to me that files were corrupted on the original disc.

Th cd and photos worked a time ago
It must be th cd that doesn’t seem to cooperate.
All programms crash when trying to view the photos
But why are the docs and exe still working on this cd

Have you tried to read these discs on another drive?

Yes, same problem. It’s not my pc

BTW it’s a cd-rewritable

well, rewritable discs are know to be a little :rolleyes: unreliable.

The only way I know to recover files is with isobuster.

If isobuster recover correctly all files, and these files are unreadable, then the problem is that with time the disc become corrupted, and now the files are unreadable.

Sorry, but in my opinion you’ve lost these files.

Put Spinrite from to recover data from the cd, your last chance.

I agree about rewiitables unreliability. I have lost data from them (complete disks) in the past.
BadCopy is another program that will recover your files for you to extract, from floppies, CDs, DVDs, however, if the files are corrupt nothing will make them readable.