Can't view photos from DVD

We have received some photos from a friend.

We cannot view them. Explorer shows the DVD to be blank.

What software do I need to view them.


See if you can extract the photos to the hard drive with ISOBuster. There is a free version of that program available for download.

Thanks, I’ll give it a try. Orinda

Thanks for the help, but the software says there is no media on the DVD. HA Orinda

Do you have other suggestions? The sender of this DVD told us that he uses Windows 2007, whatever that means.
Word 2007 tells me that the files may contain a / or a . It tells me that for Drive e as well when there is nothing in that drive. Orinda

Try in windows explorer, Tools -> Folder Options -> View -> Show hidden files and folders -> Apply.

That did not work, although the show hidden files was not checked. I checked and still nothing. Hmmmm


if Isobuster failed, then there went something wrong with the DVD authoring or burning process.
In case you have a DVD burner, you may try this:
Get ImgBurn (which is free), load the disc and see if closing the disc (Tools -> Drive -> Close) helps.


Ask you friend to send another disc, but that they use IMGburn to make the disc.