Can't view files on CD in Explorer

My CD/DVD drive appears in Windows Explorer (XP home), but the files on the CD sometimes do not show up when I click on the CD icon. It says Please insert a disk. This happens with all the CDs I’ve tried. I tried installing a new drive, with the same results. I even replaced the motherboard with a spare to be sure its not a failed drive controller. Now the strange part: I discovered that if I open Disk Management the files then appear in Explorer.

On a related issue, Roxio CD Creator says “no supported recorders available” when trying to burn a CD. It has previously worked fine, and Drag-to-Disk does work.

Any advise appreciated.

Have you considered/tried upgrading the OS? Obscure errors that intersect the hardware and software may well be fixed in a later Windows version.

Remove virtual drives and softwares.