Can't view DVD's copied to HDD

I am using PowerDVD and all of a sudden DVD’s from my personal collection that I have copied to my HDD won’t play and I get this message. “This player is incompatibe with region markings of this disc.” These are DVD’s that I have copied using Easy DVD Clone and DVD Region + CSS Free. DVD Region + CSS Free is running in the background. If I put the DVD in the Drive I can watch them but not if i try to watch the copy from my HDD. Any ideas why?
Please help

If you have copied it you HD, the protection and region should be removed, so try diabling region free + css free when playing. Might work and won’t cost anything to try, just some time. If it does not work try ripping to HD wit DVDFab Decryper. Also make sure R F + CSS F is set up for your version of PowerDVD.


I tried disabling while I play but that didn’t make much sense. Apparently it was copied without removing the code. I downloaded infoedit and looked for code that would redirect to this kind of screen but didn’t see anything. I don’t know enought about programmer code for DVD’s. Everything is fine normally with the cloning software and regionfree. It’s just like they stopped working. So I downloaded a newer version and tried but still the same issues. As I have paid for all this software I am going to go to their support. Thanks anyway. If I get an answer I will post.

I remember a similar problem on the old forum and fengtao asked the person to email him the player version and it was taken care of, so maybe you need to email fengtao directly at with all the info.


Thank you again, I have emailed directly and set the post. Hopefully I will get an answer. In the meantime I have been studying the code in great deal!

Well it’s been a few days now and I have not received any response to my email sent to support.
I have not been able to edit the code to remove the screen. So I am launching again to see if anyone can help.

Fengtao has a new son and has not been on the forum the last few days. He is also working on a major upgrade. Which version of power DVD are you using? I remember someone who had a similar problem with Power DVD on old site before it was crashed. If it was copied to HD with Region Free + CSS Free it should be region free 0. I’m not sure if there is a setting in Power DVD or not. Also what format did Easy Clone DVD put on HD? That is file or ISO?


Hi bigmacnc and thank you for the heads-up concerning Fengtao.
I just received a message from him suggesting a few things.
I downloaded FreeDVD and ran it on the video_ts file and it says there is no protection. But I’m still unable to view the DVD which is a region 1.
To answer your questions, I’m using PowerDVD 5.0. When I look at the information for the film when loaded in PowerDVD it says Region 1,2,3,4,5,6,all.
Easy DVDClone puts the .VOB, .IFO, .BUP files in the video_ts folder on the harddrive.
My DVD player is Aopen set to region 1. (of course with DVD rigion +CSS Free it is region 0)
I just copied a region 2 film without any problems.
Now I have 2 films that refuse to play, Shallow Hal and Sound of Music.
I name the films just in case it makes a difference. They are both region 1.
thank you for the tips. I am going to try another dvd player software to see if its powerdvd.

I’ve only used PowerDVD once to watch Ray, because my stand alone would not play the rented copy, so don’t know much about even which version that I have. I was just hoping that I could give you some ideas to try.


I checked and my version is 5 too, so I tried it and got it to work. Have you set it to play off HD as it will default back to DVD player. I also did it with clicking on the video_ts folder. Not same movie and was ripped with Express.


I’m not sure what you mean set it to play off hd. When I load file. It plays from hard drive. I don’t see anywhere to set it to play from file??

It is button far right on bottom of default skin.


Yes that is the button I use to load the file to play from hard drive. When you said it defaults back to DVD player I was not quite sure what you meant. When I load the film I use the button on the far right and select file from harddrive. Then I navigate to the video_ts folder and the player does the rest. It is at that point that I get the screen “This player (I assume powerdvd) is incompatible with region markings (info tab says region 1,2,3,4,5,6,all) on this disc” (I assume they mean the file I loaded from the hard drive)
That is all I can tell you. I have seen other posts like this but so far no answers. It would be sure good to find out why.