Can't view DL DVD in DVD Player

When I burn a DL DVD using DVDFAB, I can view the movie on my computer, but when I place the movie in my DVD Home theater plaver, it does not recognize the disk.
Help please

Hi seronny and welcome to cdfreaks,

A number of possibilities…if you could provide some details, it would help us to provide you with a solution.

What Fab app and specific version are you using?
What “mode” are you using to create a bkup disc?
Have you ever successfully played any “burned” DLs in your player previously?
What make/model player?
Did the burn finalize ok?
What DL media? code please…if not sure about this…just click on the “disc info” tab in Nero CD-DVD Speed. If you don’t have this utility, just download from the link provided…it’s free and very useful.

I am using DVDFAB Platinum
My burner is TSST Corp. DVDW SH-S182D driver version 5.1.2585.0
I can burn and view single layer. Can burn DL without problems and can view the DL disk on my computer. Can’t view the disk on my home theater player. When my friend burns DL using BENQ DVDW I can view it on my home theater player
Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance

DVDW SH-S182D is not a DL burner. It is an OEM Samsung SH-S182D. For more information go to the following link:

For feedback on this burner:

DL burners ar priced reasonable, probably less than 20 DL Discs.


It does appear that if updated to SB04 firmware it will burn a DL. That may be your cheapest way to go.

TSST = Toshiba-Samsung Storage Technology

The author of ImgBurn says, “Samsung’s bitsetting commands suck.” C&P from IB forum.


Ok, thanks for the info.
Still need to know the MID (media code) of your blank DLs
Are you using clone mode, full disc, customize or main movie mode to do this bkup?
Any successful DL bkups (play in your same standalone) with this burner previously?
Also title of movie?

I am having the same problem with playback in my conventional Panasonic DVD player which is about 8 years old. I can’t get my backups to play on it.

I have just purchased a Sony DRX-830U for using dual-layer, double-sided DVD blanks. (uses USB connection)

Another DVD-ROM drive I am using in the PC tower is HL-DT-ST DVD-ROM GDR8162B.

I am also using an internal Sony DW-U14a which writes single layer dvds.

For blank DVDs I am using dynex double layer DVD+R, Verbatim DVD+R Double Layer, Fujifilm DVD+R double layer, and Fujifilm DVD+RW single layer.

I am using DVDFab Platinum software in “full disc” mode with both DVD5 and DVD9 quality.

I have tried backups of Hud and My Fair Lady.

Intervideo WinDVD 5 seems to play the backups okay on my laptop.

But my Panasonic DVD player connected to my tv can’t seem to read the backup dvds.

The dvdfab application seems to be finishing the dub gracefully and I am able to click “finish” (i think that’s the final button when done) (anyway, the dvd pops out of the computer drives when the dubs are complete before I actually need to click the next button).

So is there something I appear to not be doing correctly to get backups that can play on my standard dvd player?


Hi c_catanach and welcome to cdfreaks,

Wow, 8 years old and still goin’ huh? When Philips developed and released blank DL media in 2003, one of its major hurdles was to ensure compatibility with "standard " dvd players. If you booktype (bitsetting) from DVD+R to DVD-ROM, it may work for you, but I honestly don’t know…8 years ago is forever, in terms of technology.

Either the disc format is not comptible with your stand alone player or the burnt process is not finalized.

Thanks for the welcome and the kind inputs!!

Now, 2 more questions - how do I “booktype” ("(bitsetting) from DVD+R to DVD-ROM""?

and… how do I ensure “finalizing” occurs? (dvdfab spits the dvd out of the drive automatically when I go “disc to disc” mode, and I haven’t played around with other modes.

The easiest way for you to booktype is to enable “Set Booktype” in platinum under “common settings” > “write”. I believe your Sony DRX-830U is Toshiba-Samsung oem and capable of bitsetting with up-to-date firmware, which you may already have.

A word about creating bkups. Copying disc to disc…aka “on the fly” predisposes burn errors. It is a much safer practice to rip to the hdd first. This is much more likely to give you a “good” burn.

As far as finalizing properly, when the burn process completes, fab will display a window…“Process Completed Successfully” > click “ok”, then click “Finished”.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, Maineman, for the tip on booktyping through dvdfab platinum. I’ll give that a shot.

Update: learned to booktype (bitsetting?) dvds after the burns using dvdDecrypter here: (good little tutorial).

I’ve gotten a number of my backups (not all) to play in the antiquated dvd player hooked to my tv.

When you say “rip to hdd first” i’m assuming you mean clone the original dvd first: so what’s the next step to pull the clone files off hard-disk and get them onto a dvd?


Glad to hear that some of your bkups are playing on your 20th century player… :bigsmile:

BTW, changing booktype is possible only on +R and +RW media. Moreover, it’s not possible to change the booktype on +R media after the burn. This is possible only on +RW media. I’m not sure what you did to get some of the discs to play, but hey, let’s not look a gift horse…

Platinum is a wonderfully simple and yet comprehensive program. It will rip and burn the disc for you, literally with one click. As Ron Popeil says, “…Set it and forget it…”… :bigsmile:

Fab is configured to rip to the hdd first. Anyway, you have 2 optical drives, put your original in the dvd-rom drive and your blank, SL or DL depending on your file size and needs, in your burner. Your DVD-ROM drive is “source” and your burner is “target”. At this point, you can choose for eg., “main movie”, click start and walk away. When you come back, your bkup will be completed.

You have a number of options. Note the attached image below. The upper left lets you configure the disc in a number of ways. For eg., I chose main movie which is highlighted…titleset 1…

On the bottom, just to the right of the preview window, you’ll see dvd5 or dvd9. This defines your target size. In this example, the entire movie fits on an SL disc (default size is 4300 MB); “dvd5 Quality: 100%”. If I added the “extras”, this would only add 3 minutes, 10 seconds or a very small amount in terms of file size. The resulting quality (compression) would be 98%…very little indeed. Now if you tried to copy a large file, say a Lord of the Rings disc, the compression will probably approach 50 - 55%. Here, you may want to choose dvd9 (DL media), so no compression.

I’d recommend that you use a +RW disc and experiment for a while. There are many options, should you want them.

Good luck and if you have questions, just post back.

Thanks for the great inputs, Maineman.

I think I may be on my way to resurrecting all my coasters from the last day and a half into dvd backups!!

And now that I’ve failed bookseting once with the advice above in setting the toggles on dvdfab platinum, I’ve since updated the drive’s firmware, yet when dvdfab has finished my first backup, the drive’s light I’m writing to continues to flicker (as in writing) and won’t let me eject the new backup disc.

Any thoughts why resetting dvdfab platinum to bookset and updating it’s firmware, would cause the drive to lock into a write process even though the dvdplatimum is done?

I’m hopeful I may be getting a successful automatic bookset with dvdfabPlat when done.

Thanks again!!!

…and an update.

closing the dvdfabPlat app and ejecting the source dvd seems to maybe have been what unlocked the target drive for disc ejection.

the dvd was not bookset, so…

I’m thinking the bookset through dvd decryptor saved the backup disc from coasterdom as the finished backup was at first unreadable by the antiquated dvd player, but a bookset with dvd decryptor after the fact saved it. The backup disc is a fujifilm double-layer dvd+r.