Can't view data file on a mixed mode cd

I made a mixed mode (enhanced) cd containing 4 audio tracks and a bunch of html files. When I explore the disc I can see the audio cda files, but the data/html files don’t show in explorer, and if I use Mozilla to try and open the data files it can’t find them (all it finds is the audio files)… although I can see them if I use a cd ripper (CDex) so I know that they got burned to the disc. I used NeroVision to create the disc and am running XP pro as an OS. The disc does not have an autorun script on it.

How do I view the data files?

When you insert the CD in the device, do you have a dialogue popping up? With such discs, if you originally open them as Audio (i.e, play them) when they are inserted, you may keep on seeing the audio files - I am not sure if that is the case. In windows Explorer, try right-clicking on the device and selecting Explore, rather than open.
Also, try opening the disc with IsoBuster - if all else fails, you my be able to extract the data files from there.

When I insert the cd a windows dialog box opens asking me which action I’d like to perform - play audio cd, explore disc in explorer, do nothing… but it recognizes the disc as an audio cd as opposed to a mixed mode/enhanced cd. If I choose the explore action I get the same results; it only sees the audio tracks and not the data files (which I’m positive are contained on the disc as I can see them using CDex (similar to isobuster)).

I’m not trying to extract the data files; I run a cd duplication company and needed to make a new master disc to replace a damaged one supplied by a client. The original damaged master (also mixed mode) had a corrupt area within the data files portion of the disc and could not be duplicated; the client supplied new data files via email and the new master I made copies fine; but neither the original master or the new one displays the data files so their customers who receive these discs will not be able to access them.

Any ideas?

Hi fishee,

Is the CD you made a mixed mode or Enhanced? Usually, mixed mode refers to audio and/or ROM tracks of different modes all residing in 1 session. Enhanced is a multisession CD with audio track(s) in the first session and ROM track(s) in the second session. Mixed mode can be problematic but Enhanced should work fine.

Using Nero (StartSmart) the option is labeled “Make an Audio and Data cd” - at which point I’m promted to add my audio tracks, then prompted again to add the data tracks.

Hope that helps…

I just burned a CD using StartSmart and “Make an Audio and Data cd”. I used 4 WAV files and 1 PDF. The result was a multisession disc. When I browse the disc with Windows Explorer, I see the one and only PDF file I put in for the DATA. Of course there are the 2 stupid folders that Nero puts on there no matter what, ‘CDPLUS’ and ‘PICTURES’.

Not sure what else to tell you…

I see nobody has commented on this thread in quite a while. I recently ran into the same issue so I’d like to re-open the discussion. What I want to do is make an audio cd (which uses the .cda format) and also put some other files on the disc for when it is used in a computer such as some pictures and an .exe file as well. I used Nero version and selected CD Extra. The disc burnt fine and under cd info it has session 1 as having the audio content and session 2 as having the data content. When I open the disc in windows explorer the only thing I see is the audio files. If I try making a “mixed mode Cd” the opposite happens, I can see the data files when i open the cd but not the audio files. So how can I view all the files on the CD?

Many Thanks,

I also had problems opening a Enhanced CD, it only showed me the audio files. But when I disabled AnyDVD it did work and I saw data files!
Apparently AnyDVD thought the data on the CD was there for security, so it didn’t load that part of the CD.
Make sure you disable any kind of programs that read a CD when you insert it, such as AnyDVD, some Nero programs and Cyberlink’s PowerDVD.