Cant use system restore in win me

I tried reformatting numerous times in the past few months for various reasons but no matter what i do i cannot get this damn thing to restore my system. I checked the ms knowledge base but there is no article pertaining to my problem. Everytime i try to restore it runs for a few seconds and restarts saying no chages were made. I even searched throgh 3 yrs of old downloads for windows. Anyone have any words of wisdom i could try to get this problem fixed?

thanks in advance for any and all help.

Stop using winME

very helpful xtacy

if you have a restore disk from the manufacturer - reformat, and try using that. if you are defining restore improperly - as i gather here - please detail EXACTLY what you are trying to accomplish - what you’ve done in trying - and whats happened as a result - and we can go from there.

I couldnt resist. Even MS admitted that the kernel in Me has a huge memory hole. Anyhow, aside from kidding around, I think the best bet is to make a bootdisk, save anything imporant and just do a full format and clean install. It sound slike you are trying to save omething from your old settings. Be more elaborate and specific.

I realize this os is obsolete. I do own an updated version of xp this me box is a collection of old parts i have collecting dust.To be more specific about my problem i have done about a dozen complete reformats with and without first installing 98se, ie clean install of ME . As far as i know i dont have any hardware problems at least none appear in device manager.

Upon further review i was checking system info when i noticed a catagory for problem devices. There are several listings. One is ACPI IRQ HOLDER FOR PCI IRQ STEERING ERROR CODE 22 the other is CLIENT FOR MICROSOFT NETWORKS ERROR CODE 10. Could any of these have something to do with system restore not working?


Have you ever used Me before on this machine with Me fully working? Or is this an upgrade or a change to a diff O/S? Sometimes a combination of software/hardware just don’t go no matter what you do. That might also be why those errors show up in the system info.