Can't use RW faster than 4 with 40125s

Hello all. I have the liteon 40-12-48. Im using winxp pro, and have dma enabled but even when I turn smartburn off in nero, I’m unable to select a record speed any faster than 4 times when using RWs (latest version of nero). I have no problem burning at 40 with lower rated media when it’s just cdr, but have no idea why the rw’s won’t let me select higher than 4. Heh, maybe it’s something simple that I just don’t see, but I’d appreciate any help I can get with this. Thanks

must be the media

try other cd-rw’s …capable of doing 12 speed

Heh, yeah I was kind of thinking that too. I got these RWs back when the plex 8/4/32 was pretty new. I just thought that disabling smart burn would let me burn at max speed regardless of how crappy the media, just with a chance of lots of errors. I guess I’ll just lay blame on the Cds and hope the problem goes away once I buy some RWs capable of burning at 12.

The maximum speed capability code of a CD-RW disc is embedded in the blank. A standard 4x rated CD-RW disc can’t be burned at a faster speed no matter what you turn off or on in software.

10x rated CD-RW’s can be burned at 12x (in 12x CD-RW capable devices) because there isn’t much difference in speed, and the disc type is the same (High Speed CD-RW).