Can't Use My DVD



I can’t read or burn a DVD that I used in a former Windows installation. I used the same DVD a few weeks ago. Then, I formatted my hard drive and re-installed Windows (the same version with the same installation CD). Now, when I try to use the DVD for burning, ImgBurn & Nero simply reject saying ‘insert an empty disc to write to…, Disc required for the compilation DVD+R/RW’. The same DVD was first burnt on the same PC. I am sure the DVD isn’t damaged (I tried new-brand DVDs as well, DVD+RW)
Does it mean my drivers or Codecs are not updated? If yes, how to do that?
Thanks for your help. :bow:


Is the drive able to read discs? CD’s and DVD’s?


HI Dogg,
Thanks for taking interest…
Yes, the drive reads other CDs and DVDs even those I made long ago on this PC. Its just these DVDs that it doesn’t read.


Just to clarify, you are attempting to use DVD RW discs that were previously used? The here being RW discs and not R.


Check the DLA function on you dvd drive. You may had it enabled when you copy your disc and now after reinstallation, it is off and so you cannot read the disc.


Yes Dogg, I am attempting to read/burn DVD+RW. The same I could read/burn earlier.

3ricl33, whats DLA function? How to disable it?


I think 3ricl33 meant DMA. Here is the guide for checking DMA:

The important part to look for is Current Transfer Mode. It should be Ultra DMA Mode 2 or 4.


It would likely help if I was typing in English that everyone could understand. My thought was that you are trying to use -RW discs that have been previously used. Sometimes there appear to be issues when trying to use RW discs that were burned in another piece of hardware, such as a standalone DVD recorder.

However, after rereading your initial post, it appears that you are simply having trouble burning. I would suggest trying to burn data to various discs (DVD+/-R and a DVD-RW) and see which ones work…if any. Also, is the drive able to read DVD’s (commercial and burned).

As for DMA, I’ve seen it make reading/burning extremely slow, but not stop working at all.

edit: you may also want to use a different app for the burn test. IMGBurn is a good app and free.