Can't use multisession other than DAO mode when writing DVD with 716A

Nero leave “DAO” as the only one mode when write DVD with 716A.
The mode selection is not actived.
CD is ok, but DVD.
I can’t write the media for a second time to add data even there’s still room for.
Is there anything wrong?
The manual tell me it also support multisession mode.

I had the same problem with Nero, but 716a multisession works OK with Roxio.

What is your file size and disc? If DVD -R DL, it will only write in DAO. If the file is over 4GB in size, it may go to DAO.

The drive does support multisession for DVD +/-.

I’ve know how to burn multisession with Nero.
First you should select burn Multisession DVD at the first time you burn a disc,
and then when you wanna to add data at the second time or so, you should select the “continue multi session” and IGNORE the warning from Nero, then, you can add anything you like in the capacity of the disc.