Can't use lightscribe on my new HP Pavilion dv5000

Can anyone help me with this. I just got a new HP Pavilion dv5000 notebook 2 days ago and when I try to use the lightscribe labeling software that came on it (Sonic Express Labeler), and I click the “Print” button it says that no lightscribe devices are found on my system. what do I do?

You need the Lightscribe driver. Go to to download the latest system software update.

I did what you said and I tried using lightscribes labeling software too and the sonic express labeler and the lightscribe labeler both say that there isn’t a lightscribe drive in my system. is there anything else that I can try?

Just to make sure- You are using Lightscribe discs right?

yes, and they’re on the right side to.

Try downloading the Surething software from the above website. It’s the lightscribe software I use since I had a similar problem with the Nero software.

I got that and it still says that there is no drives detected. could it be possible that when this laptop was made the wrong drive was put into it?

Probably the best thing to do is download Nero Infotool and see if it sees lightscribe capabilty for the drive. If it doesn’t recognize that it does then a call to HP may be in order.

here’s a picture of the results, where would it say if it had lightscribe or not?

It doesn’t. I googled your drive and cannot find anything regarding lightscribe. HP support is your best bet at solving this problem.

thanks for all your help.

Also too, HP sets a standard insignia that is on [B]all[/B] Lightscribe enabled drives and media. Look for the lightscribe logo on your laptop. If none is found and you clearly have the order that says you have it. Contact HP right away and ask for a new drive that you rightfully paid for. Aside from that, if you have any more questions regarding lightscribe, I’m pretty knowledgeable about lightscribe. Or if you want, you can go to directly to for any questions. From what I’ve heard, they give quick responses about any lightscribe error, just make sure to be as detailed as possible.