Cant use dvd-r disks

hi ive got a imation imwdvrw16li dvd burner that wont let mr use dvd-r disks.
it should allow them but it says its incompatible trying to use tdk dvd-r 1-16x disks
it is fine with dvd+r disks and cd`s.

Looks like they don’t make any drives themselves but rebadge other makes, think your drive is a rebadged LiteOn 1633 because of the very slow (8x max) -R speed described on the website

Your best bet is that the firmware needs to be updated, on the down side of this is that your waranty will be gone but on the good side is possibly faster better burns and it might work with -R. Look here for firmware discussion of your drive

TDK isn’t a bad brand from what i can see, but you might want to try and get some Verbatims to try with them as well.