Cant use dvd fab?

OK i been using this for MONTHS, and then al of a suden i go to use it and it says Enter register code and Exit… so i get my code enter it and it still says Exit, whats goign on??? i seen taht other had same problem i think but, it dont even pop up trial anymore like it used to. Whats the problem im having. i have windows vista basic,

You say enter it, did you double click on the key file that was eamiled to you. It should launch DVDFab and register itself. Sound like you just might be typing it into the registration dialog box. I may be off base, but the more info you can give the better.

  1. Install the latest version of DVDFab Platinum 3 at

bla bla bla that link? i used taht link to reinstall it bu still saysy Exit and not trial.

Sounds like the orginal registration did not take for some reason. I never used the trial verison. I used the free stuff, but was so impressed with it and the capibilites of Platium, I just jumped in with both feet and bought it. Start over. Uninstall and reboot and then reinstall. Before you do make sure that you have the lastest dowload of Fab 3 and you registration Key file “Key.DVDFabPlatinum” that was emailed to you and try again.

added note. Install DVDFAB. Don’t run it. Kust double click on the key file. It will launch DVDFab and register itself. If after the double click on the key file, it says it does not know which program, browse to DVDfab and let it open the file. This should cure all.

I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it still wil only pop up Enter register code and Exit. so i click on the Enter Register code and Paste the code from the e-mail and ok and it says thank you etc and needs to restart the program , so it does that , but it still only says Exit, like what should i do.

double click the key file the one that says Install dvdfab here double click the link? it still has me Run save Cancel. should i hit save??

ok this is what it says This is a trail Version. Evaluation period has expired. you must buy a license to continue useing DVD Fab Platnium. ? i have uninstalled it so many times and reinstalled it, Under Order now i Click once on Enter Register Code and i Paste the code from my email, and i hit OK and it restarts the program but NUTHING has changed at all. still says trial version etc and has Exit insted of Trial or w/e its suposed to say, i have been using this for Months and no problems and then all of a suden when the days ran out its doing this, i dont get it, before it just reset the days and started over again,

Got it to work thanks i was entering the ****************
from the code in the email i enter it with ou those works now lol thanks

Glad to here it. Now if you every upgrade to a new verison, it should take on that key so you should never need to do this again, unless you ever completely remove it. You didn’t say what version you were using be be sure to upgrade when a new verison comes out. You can skip the Beta if you want (there are enough of us out here that try them out for the masses. Good Ripping!