Can't use any AVI files with any software

No matter from whence I download, my Windows XP cannot use AVI files. I have tried Winavi, Cinema Craft encoder, DVD Santa, Cucusoft AVI to DVD, Power Video Converter, you name it. The AVI’s also do not play in any of my players, eg. Realplayer, PowerDVD. Each time I try to access the AVI’s the software simply crashes with an error message telling me it cannot use the file. Windows also crashes when I try to view the thumbnail icon of the AVI file in Windows Explorer! How bad is that?

However, I am able to read the AVI’s into Microsoft Movie Maker. Trouble is it then takes 300 minutes to convert it to another AVI format which is usable in Windows XP! Movie Maker also creates a new 15Gb AVI file from the original 800MB AVI file!! I don’t even know if I will be able to make a DVD from such a huge file.

I never used to have this problem with AVI files; it started happening since I have been using DVD editing software such as DVDLab Pro, Cinema Craft Encoder, etc., though that may be just a coincidence.

Does anyone have a clue what is going on?

It’s quite likely that you’ve got a corrupt codec. Identify the codec (Gspot or Avicodec) & uninstall it / reinstall it. I had this with a corrupt Xvid codec sometime ago. I actually finished up deleting the associated files rather than uninstalling it.

You’ve clearly spent a lot of money on software here, great shame that you’re having these problems.

Thanks for that suggestion.

Can you guide me as to how to identify the codec? I have quite a few different codecs installed. Is there a way to list them?


Well if you have WinAvi and you open it …it will tell you if the codec is corrupt and will give you alink to download a new one…

Use GSpot to find the codec that it uses and reinstall that codec.

Get VLC player and if it plays in that you do have a corrupted codec. If VLC can’t play it, probably a corrupted file.