Can't Use a DVD Burner, Help I tried everything I know

I recently had to update the bios of my DVD burner DVD-RW Drive model number Lite-On DVDRW SHW-1635S so it can recognize additional media. According to the bios firmware update software applied everything wen’t right and I got a message Firmware update was sucessful please reboot your system. However When I rebooted my system the DVD doesn’t work to read or Write any CD or DVD in normal booting but does work in safe mode in Windows XP SP2 applied. I tried using a restore point to an earlier date before the update of the bios and that didn’t work either. I tried to reverse the bios update to the prior bios but that can not be done. Is there anything that can be done besides formating the drive. Please Help, the update used was the lite-on YSOV to YSOW.


may be your DVD driver is not match with new DVD bios function’s
try to update your DVD driver

Try reflashing with YSOW. Make sure there is no dics in the drive when you flash. If this doesn’t help check here for ideas…

You might also try going into the device manager, right click on the computer
icon at the top of the page and scan for hardware changes. Also try reflashing to YSOW in safe mode.

I reflashed YSOW again I had the message sucessful flash, I even reverted to PIO instead of DMA if available and stills doesn’t work in normal mode if try to get the properties of the drive in Device Manager of Windows XP my machine hangs and I have reboot the machine can anyone give a better solution