Can't upload images


I am trying to upload images in a post. But I always get an error message like “not a valid image”. But as described in the help text I used JPEGs, GIFs and BMPs. But none of them worked.

Does anybody know what to do?

Thanks in advance.

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hmmm… what program did you use to make them, what i do to avoid incompatibility issues (i was having comaptility issues with jpgs made with my camera and adobe photoshop cs.) is to copy/paste the image into a new windows “paint” file, then save it again, seems to be 100% compatible.

try doing that, let us know it it still doesnt work

ben :slight_smile:

There is a upload limit for attachments or images, but I don’t know the maximum size.

I’m sure it’s not a size limit, because my files smallest files are about 50 KB and they did not work.

But Photoshop CS could really be the problem. I used it to create the picture files. I’ll try your hint and report here afterwards.


Damn, the way with Paintshop also does not work for me. Neither PNG nor JPEG can be uploaded.

Do you have any other ideas?


Paintshop? i mean Microsoft Paint (the crapy thing that comes with windows), copy/paste the picture into MSPaint, then save as a jpg.

ben :slight_smile:

Oh, sorry! That was my fault. I wrote “paintshop”, but I have meant “paint”. :slight_smile:


I am guessing it is related to this here. So I will close this thread. If this is not the case then please PM me and I will reopen this thread to continue the discussion.