Cant upgrade to Windows 7 because of BIO upgrade-Cant upgrade BIO because of battery problem

hey eveyone
So with lots of searching and ripping hair out, Im having a hard time updating my BIO.

    I currently have A08 on my laptop. I downloaded A17, but to run the .exe file it says I need at least "10 %" battery to flash BIO.

  The icon in my taskbar has constantly for a while said Im at 6%battery even while Im plugged into the AC adapter. Computer runs great plugged in, lasts about 15 mins without being plugged in. For some reason the computer stays at 6% charge all the time?

   It seems to be the only issue im having in order to be able to upgrade to windows 7 which i spent money on and everything.

Ive read somewhere about doing commands like /forceit but I have yet to do this in DOS mode. Kinda worried that will mess something up? I have no idea.

Anyone have any clues as to what to do? Id like to avoid buying a new battery since I dont ever leave the house anyway, i usually leave it plugged in all the time (maybe thats why the battery is weird now).

Had this laptop and original battery for 3 years with no issues.

Dell Inspiron e1505 running Windows XP

Perhaps instead of purchasing the upgrade you should have bought a new battery? $50 - $100 on the net delivered. It would seem that if you leave the unit connected to the AC you should do alright. However make some enquiries on the Dell site to see what other E1505 users think of Windoze 7.

Well thats the issue. when the AC is plugged in, the battery does not charge.

The upgrade to Windows 7 isnt an issue either, it just needs an upgraded BIO which I could do, but need more than 10% battery power to do so.

Sorry if Im confused on your response. Ive read in other places that buying a new battery in this case doesnt solve the problem but buying a new AC adapter of a higher voltage apparently does. I dont really get the logic of that but hey…guess its worth a try.

anyone else have any thoughts?

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Check out this recently updated thread, its solved the problem for a few users: LINK

yes actually thats the article i read yesterday! Thanks again for the link

The only issue im having is that Ive done this but through windows xp. do i need to do this on DOS? Also do I need a bootable CD to do this or do I just input that information on DOS and itll work? Im so confused:(

YES, it can only be done in DOS. You can google on how to make a bootable cd or floppy or USB drive.