Can't update my LG GCR-8523B

I have the LG 52X GCR-8523B. I was bored and looking for updates and saw this drive has a v1.04 firmware update. The drive currently had v1.01 on it. When I download the update and try to flash the drive it list a protocal error. Is this drive just not able to be updated? I’m not too worried if I can’t update the drive, but if it can than great! =^_^= Thanks for any info!

Hi AmyGrrl, welcome to CDfreaks!
Can you tell exactly what was that error? Is this your only optical drive in computer?

I have 2 drives in my PC… the LG GCR-8523B (CD Reader) and LG GCE-8526B (CD Burner)… I know your suppose to physically suppose to disconnect the drive your not using before the update… I’ve flashed several LG drives before without needing to remove the other drive… I updated the LG GCE-8526B fine yesterday to the v1.05 firmware yesterday while the LG GCR-8523B was still connected… sometime later I will disconnect the LG GCE-8526B and try to flash the LG GCR-8523B… I’ve attached a pic below of the error I currently get…

Hi Amy and welcome to the forum!
I’ve got 8523 but mine is a burner which was updated to 1.04 on another PC.
I dont suppose u have to disconnect anything when flashing a fw. First thing I would probably check is Master/slave jumpers on both drives. Are the drives on the same cable?

NG! points to a wrong firmware for this model.