Can't Update Firmware



I have a WH14NS40 bluray burner that I just got and I saw it didn’t have the latest firmware. Went to the LG site downloaded the file, when I tried to flash the drive I got this message … CheckSum in mismatched. Drive will go to BOOT mode.:disagree: Any idea what the problem is?:confused:


Assuming your signature is accurate, have you tried using your other computer to update?


No I haven’t.:disagree: How would it make a difference?:confused:


It might be the SATA controller in the current system (a BIOS setting, or a driver incompatiblity issue, or maybe a general incompatiblity with the SATA controller itself).

Trying to flash the drive on another computer will help rule out an issue with the drive.


Well sir just got through reading an email from LG support … apparently my burner has a SVC Code of NS50 and the firmware I tried to flash is for the code NS40 …that why I got the mismatch message:iagree: … so apparently there is no update for my burner. :disagree: Thanks to all that post. :flower: