Can't Update Firmware on 401S



Hi, I have a liteon 401S and when I attempted to update the firmware. The .exe says it can’t find the Liteon 401S drive. Is there a way around this?


I had a similar problem with my LTD-166s : try Flashfix to disable the checking for the right DVD by the flasher. Just be very carefull that you don’t select the wrong drive to flash, as the flasher doesn’t check this anymore.

I believe it’s on the “LiteON utilities” page.
Look for the file “”. Also , don’t forget to put UPX.EXE in the sane directory !



Take the ES0M flasher available here. The original liteon flasher does not accept firmwares like ESG4. Do not waste too may DVDs on your 401, your nec 3500 drive will burn with better quality.


Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind