Can't update firmware for my 1-0-0-0 Lite-On DVDRW SOHW-1633S BGS4, please help

I have a 1-0-0-0 Lite-On DVDRW SOHW-1633S BGS4 drive, which is good for nothing. I hope by upgrade it to the latest firmware, it will perform better and able to write on 16X DVD-R. Unknowing it can’t work with 16X discs, I have just bought a 100-pack and opened them already.

I already downloaded the latest firmware, DR16BS0Y. But it won’t allow me to upgrade the firmware at all.

Can anyone please help?

That good for nothing DVD drive came with my e-Machines which I bought from a BestBuy store for $339.99.

As your 1633 is an OEM-version, you must use the unscrambled version of BS0Y from the CodeGuys website:
To improve performence and get more support for newer media maybe you better flash CS0T-crossflashed-multicolorled. But don’t expect the 1633 to burn 16x, it performs well to 8x.

:wink: Leo

I have followed Leo’s idea and downloaded the CS0T-crossflashed-multicolorled.

My DVD-drive has become super good since, I could not believe it at first.

My only regret is that I did not know this when I first bought the computer, so I had to suffer nearly eight months of very slow, and very painful experience.

Mr. Leo, you are a very nice human being.

@ lukehu

Thank you. Actually all the credits should go to the CodeGuys, they made it all possible with their fabulous tools. I’m glad to be of assistence.

:clap: Leo