Cant update Firmware for Lite-On SHM164H6S

I just reacently bough 2 Lite-On SHM164H6S about a month ago and they both work fine even the lightscribe (on Both Drives) But 2 days ago I went to lite ons official firware update page and downloaded the lates firware for my drives version “HS07” but only one of my drives managed to be updated, Every time I try to Update the second drive It tells me “This drive is not allowed to be updated” so now I have 2 Lite-On SHM164H6S one with “HS07” and the Other with “HS0D” WTF!!! is going on. does any one have an Idea of what cam be happeneing? Thanx before hand.

How are they connected?
Disable the one already updated and try again!

I tried that al ready I took out the up dated one and left the other one in there . I tried it 2 times with the jumper in master and in CS, and the same thing happens. Im starting to thing that the drive is just a different version, or something. all though they are physically Identical and the packing was the same to and nero info tool report them to be the same to.

You can try it in Safe Mode (hit F8 on (re-)booting the PC). Jumper it as Master on the Secondary IDE Channel (no Slave attached) and use 80-wire IDE ribbon cable (drive attached to the end of the cable, not the middle connector). If that doesn’t work, get it relpaced under warranty. :slight_smile: