Can't Update AVG Free Please Help



I have AVG 7.5.524 version of AVG it will not Update when I
try to update it.

I went to major geeks and downloaded updated file that did not
work either.

Should I just scrap this program for another antivurus and if so which
are the best free ones…

Thank You Very Much…


Try the new free version of AVG; version 8. That might solve the update problem.


Yes indeed it will. You didn’t get the memo? AVG doesn’t support their version 7 stuff anymore.


Thanks fixed the problem, I also have a Problem with my Ad-Aware, I can’t get it too update either??? Is it just me???


I have had no problems with version 8


Thanks for all the help guys. I have versions of 8 on both programs
and they work fine.

You Guys are Great…


well to get updated information for hte avg 8.0 there is an update automatically option available choose that option.