Cant Update 811S Firmware?

i just got my 811S today, and was about to update the Firmware on the drive but it says i dont have a 811s Installed, but yet it detects it? points to screeny if anyone could help it would be great, ta


What firmware version does your 811S have?

my current Firmware is HS0J

Originally posted by The_Ugly_Fugly
my current Firmware is HS0J

It wont let you flash because HS0J is newer than what’s available on!

Please use mtkflash to make a backup of your firmware and send it to me. I’ll put it on my page.

lol im so n00b, sorry bout that

ummm k ill give this mtkflash thingy a go now

hmmmmmm it doesnt seem to work :frowning: it just hangs @ 00%

I ended up getting it from someone else. Thanks for the effort though!

Anyone who wants to try HS0J can find it on my page.


Thanks for the info. Just flashed my brand new 811s with HS0J and so far so good… could finally burn my first DVD-R at 4x (Rimax brand)